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... your own loudspeaker?


... come into my parlor ...

1 - How we got started with this conversation
2 - An introduction to Acoustics and Hearing
3 - Acoustics and Mechanics
4 - Acoustic Measurements
5 - Electronics and Sound
  1 - The Creation
2 - Me and the Planet
3 - Reality and Meaning
4 - So, what?



.... come into my parlor said the spider ....

The Creation


Fitz:  So here I am. 
And what is this spider and parlor thing all about?

SL:  Well, it's actually a little detour from our talk about acoustics and hearing. But not really, because I came up to the point were I need to explain the Association Model of Hearing and what the German word 'Gestalt' actually means. That forced me to think about how perception of sound works and what it really is.

Fitz:  Sounds interesting, but now that you have thought about it can we just continue with acoustics and hearing?

SL:  We could, but I would like to make a few points, so that our conversation about hearing will flow more easily later on.

Fitz:  Sounds reasonable.

SL:  Let me tell you a story to illustrate the points that I want to make. It actually happened this morning here at our Sea Pine Cottage on the Pacific coast of northern California.

My wife, Eike, had just come into the house and told me that she had seen again the mama deer and her baby slowly strolling through the high grass of the meadow, that is between our house and the ocean. I looked out the window and saw them too as they moved in the direction they normally take. Their trail continues across the street and between houses to a hedge row of huge trees. Those are buffers against the strong northwesterly winds and they show it in their bend.

Anyways, a little later when Eike looked out the window, she said: "Look across the street, by the houses, mama deer has laid down and is resting. I can see her ears sticking up." 
I looked, but could not identify a deer, even though she pointed out what she saw. So I said: "It's an illusion. Go up on the balcony. The binoculars are upstairs."So she did, but not without saying: "The deer may have moved away in the meantime."

Well it did. What she saw through the binoculars in large were two stems of a bush across the street from us, that had formed the image of a deer's head with ears pointing up in her mind. And that was particularly so, because she was so interested in the mama and the baby and where they might have gone after she had seen them in the meadow.

Fitz:  So what's the point of your little story?

SL:  There are actually four points. 
   They relate to that part of the story, which begins with Eike perceiving a deer in the outdoors scenery, the Gestalt formed by meadow, bushes, street, houses, windbreak trees, etc., which she sees as she looks out the window. 
   She perceives a resting deer, or more accurately, the Gestalt of a resting deer has caught her attention. She associates what she sees with her memory of the mama deer and baby, which had drawn her attention earlier. 
   This could have been the end of her interest in her deer story, But she is not certain about her observation. So she makes a move to bring me into her story, by asking me to look and to confirm what she sees. I suggest that she move to the balcony upstairs and take the binoculars.
  She goes to the balcony, looks through the binoculars and recognizes that she saw stems of a bush forming the image of a deer's head with ears pointing up.

Fitz:  And the four points?

SL:  Between the objective Gestalt and its recognition there is a subjective process, which starts with perception of the Gestalt, followed by attention to detail in the objective Gestalt, which may be caused by movement of a detail in the overall Gestalt or by a movement of the observer either physically or mentally. A movement is always relative to something. It represents a change in perspective. 
Finally by comparing the observation to memories of similar observations and memorized Gestalts, the Gestalt is recognized. 

Fitz:  So the process is:

Objective Gestalt  >>>>>>>>>>  perception, attention, movement ---> recognition of Gestalt.

SL:  Yes, and the recognized Gestalt is always subjective.
And then there is the utmost importance of movement. Neuro-scientists ask why do we have a brain? Their answer is: to move the body in its physical environment, which is needed for survival of the body. A tree does not need a brain. Everything is programmed in. Everything is built for survival at least long enough to have procreated. Otherwise that life form will go extinct. 

Fitz:  I can see why we can endlessly argue about the sound of some piece of audio equipment. What we hear is always subjective and totally influenced by the associations that we bring to the observation, or which associations are evoked by an acoustic event and which have turned it into a sonic event.

SL:   It goes even further. I or a clever marketing person can suggest what you will hear and you will have a hard time not to hear what we suggested. Or if some product has a particular reputation you are likely to find that reputation to be true. The more so the more often you have read about it. It is difficult to stay open like the child, who did not see 'the emperor's new clothes'.

Fitz:  Good. Now I go back to your 'Introduction to Acoustics and Hearing' by clicking 2 - of above.

SL:  Sure, I just felt that I needed to point out to you and readers of our conversation, that the Association Model of Hearing triggered a lot of thoughts about time, space and life in me. All my life I was searching for answers to 'Why was I born in Germany and at that time?' and 'What am I supposed to do' and 'Who am I?'  Life has treated me well. Of course there have been ups and downs, but I feel very lucky. 

A lot fell into place as I started to make visuals for the Association Model. 
Associations just came to me with great excitement and I had to put them down graphically to illustrate the Gestalt. Think about the pictures below when you feel interested or are on a search for meaning in life. There is some good stuff here.

Fitz (relieved):  OK. For now I will navigate to one of the topics above.

SL:  Just in case that you do come back, here are explanations of the terms and symbols that I used in the picture of LOVE below. You might print out picture file 3, which was my map to the Dance of Life, to focus your attention.


GU(t, e, m, i) means that the Gestalt of the Universe U is associated with time t, energy e, mass m and information i. 
iU(G) means that a specific information-instruction set is assigned by G to universe U

GU(...) = Gestalt of the Universe we live in, the backdrop to life
c = the speed of light, which is a specific constant of universe U
c = 300,000 kilometers per second
e = mc2 = the discovery by Einstein how energy and mass, time and space are tied together
t = time, what is it really? Our view into Memory(G) ? The movement of of Creation?
ix = Fekx t describes the growth or decay of information ix in time t
e = 2.71... is a natural constant for exponential growth. It is not energy e in this formula
F = a proportionality factor for growth or decay
L = Location, a property of space


F = "The Force", "Angels", assistants to G
e = mc2 = ix(G) means a specific information set for universe Ux , which implies the existence of other universes, for example Uy , programmed with completely different instruction sets


G = "The Source", 
 "The Creator of All that Is"

SL(G) = We are invited to observe the creation through our five senses, to process, to learn, to create memory, to move, to do and to participate

G creates GALL
GSL(GU, GA, G) means that the above is SL's Recognition of the Gestalt of (GU, GA, G)
It does not imply that this is how it really is, or that this is IT
It is merely SL(G) recognizing


SL:  A funny thing happened this morning. Eike woke up at the crack of dawn, got up, took the binoculars and went to the window to look at the bush, which had formed yesterday the image of mama deer resting. And she said: "It's not as clear today. But also the fog is in and there are no shadows." I had to laugh and said: "You had an apparition yesterday! Whole religions are started that way!"

SL(G):  Nothing wrong with that. It can lead to Recognition(G).


SL:  Here now in symbolic language is the story of SL's journey to recognizing SL(G):



********************************* |||| *********************************



********************************* |||| *********************************


LOVE as picture file 1

GSL(GU, GA, G) as picture file 2

My map to the Dance of Life picture file 3

Journey picture file 4

Vianna Stibal, "Theta Healing", Hay House, 2010

Cesar Hidalgo, "Why Information Grows", Basic Books, 2015

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Karl Renz, "A Little Bit of Nothingness", 2012, (in German: "Tao Te Karl")

Michael S. Gazzaniga, "Who's in Charge?", 2011

Barry Blesser & Linda-Ruth Salter, "Spaces speak, are you listening?", 2007

Aldous Huxley, "Island", 1962


********************************* |||| *********************************


From:  James V Stone, "Information Theory", Sebtel Press, 2015


********************************* |||| *********************************


In the Valley of Elah

Like Sunday, Like Rain

Forrest Gump

Everybody loves Raymond

The Red Piano


********************************* |||| *********************************


There is a crack in everything, 
that's how the light gets in


********************************* |||| *********************************


.... may Light and Love and Power restore the plan on earth ....



Message received and understood ! 


May Peace return to Earth


********************************* |||| *********************************


SL:  May Peace return to Earth

I take these words as the current marching order for mankind. Too many of us have meandered way off track in their journey through life. In animal and plant kingdoms there is balance and infinite differentiation. There is grouping according to (e, m, i, L) for survival and evolution of each species. There is dependency upon the environment and other species. There is fight and there is peace. Rarely is there surrender of one group to another and domination. No one wins at the expense of all. Not for long.

In man, creation has accelerated. We perceive creation through openings in our skin or pressure sensitive areas of the skin. The eyes look out. The ears sense variations in ambient air pressure at the eardrum. The finger tips sense resistance to touch. The nose detects aroma molecules. The mouth senses taste. The five senses are transducers, which send signals to the brain. The brain and its associated memory have evolved to analyze sensory inputs, to evaluate them, to make decisions. The resulting actions are: hide, flee, fight, relax and accommodate. All five entail movement of the body and are instincts. It is through our senses that we experience the world and respond to it. But we also have a 'story teller' in our cranium, which has learned to comment on our actions, to approve or disapprove and to be curious about this world, that begins on the outside of the skin.

It is the curiosity about the place we find ourselves in after birth and the longing for love and comfort, that we had been exposed to in the womb, which soon makes us go on the journey. The goal for the journey is to recognize The Creator of All That Is, to recognize that all that is outside of our skin, and all that is inside of our skin is Creation. Creation equals Love. We live in a dualistic universe: 
Inside - Outside, Up - Down, Front - Back, Left - Right and a surface below. We can move in that universe and explore its properties. That's where brain and memory come in.

Now we all have teachers to help with that process, starting with Mother. She conveys love and nurturing. The love we came from and which we will continue to seek until we die as we go through life. We may find experiences and express love in the act of union, in the joining of sperm and egg, ecstasy and relaxation, to create a cell of new life. Everybody started as a single cell and was in that state for thirty minutes before the cell began to divide. 

Being taught can give us a sense of growing security on one hand or inadequacy and fear on the other. Many carry fear with them until they die. It is a package for the journey and needs to be conquered to give and to find peace. 

It seems there are too many backpacks loaded with fear and inadequacy instead of love and joy on people's backs. The 'story teller' in the cranium finds many means to cover up fear. The self wants protection. Money, aggression and procrastination are often used as a shield, but not the answer in the long run and lead to disillusionment. Love is.  



Life is about living. Life is to be lived to discover the mystery of creation, which is hidden in plain view.

Life is about love, to give, to find and the me dying again and again to be at peace. 

Creation celebrates Creation through Me 

Creation may grant me to die before death, to be cognizant of Creation,
to be liberated, yet bound in the body




SL:  And what is Time? 

It appears that time is the binder, which binds energy with mass, information and location in space.

t<e, m, i, L>

Time and Creation are one and the same. They are just different labels, i.e. words, for it.

Time and Creation come out of love LOVE.

Creation is continuous. It has neither beginning nor end.

Cause and Effect are one and the same. There is only Creation. 

The Big Bang is a memory in creation.

The rock which the astronaut brought back from the moon is a memory of creation time.

We live in continuous moments of creation.

'Continuous moments' is a contradiction in itself, since 
our perceptual apparatus and scientific tools cannot have a bandwidth greater than defined by the speed of light.

We perceive the moment as the dividing line between past and future

We chop up time to comprehend it and to function

The timing of events is a great mystery

Time is the great mystery


SL:  The past is a memory to us. It tends to change and fade in our brain. So we materialize it by taking photos, videos or writing things down to last longer. But eventually those too will have turned to dust.

Now the amazing thing is that Creation's Memory is still all there for us to discover right now. Lumped masses, energies, information and locations are the trail of creation as it marches on. We can access them at this very moment like we do in a random access computer memory or when we google, except in 3D.


********************************* |||| *********************************


Peace on Earth








What you hear is not the air pressure variation in itself 
but what has drawn your attention
in the streams of superimposed air pressure variations 
at your eardrums

An acoustic event has dimensions of Time, Tone, Loudness and Space
Have they been recorded and rendered sensibly?

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